“This is a book that should be read by every trial lawyer, everyone who wants to be a trial lawyer, and everyone who wonders what it takes to be a trial lawyer. Bostwick spins a powerful, informative tale drawn from real life. The courtroom scenes leap off the page and will have the reader cheering for justice.”               

Walter “Skip” Walker III, San Francisco Trial Lawyer and best-selling author of seven novels including “A Crime of Privilege”

“This is a story that best highlights what a lawyer can do if he or she wants to get into the ring of justice. Every young lawyer should read this.”   

Joseph W. Cotchett, San Francisco Trial Lawyer and author of several widely read law treatises and the recent best-selling book, “The People vs. Greed: Stealing America”

“Just finished the book. I thought it was excellent and cannot believe it is a first novel. I have always been in awe of people who can write, I mean people that can really write. This not only tells a captivating story; but gives in-depth descriptions of characters – I felt I really knew them. The book also had brilliant descriptions of scenes – courtrooms, mountains, and SF weather. It is a real talent to make the reader feel he is physically present. As a civil trial lawyer, I found the story very compelling. Man, I have lived it – line of credit, lining up experts, the helpless feeling as a good defense lawyer destroys your witness, and the anxiety of sweating a jury. A word about the competition. I think I have read all of Grisham’s books. He is good – especially his early works. However, it has always bothered me as a trial lawyer that some of his courtroom scenes are inaccurate. These were always dead on.”      

Dicky Grigg, Austin, Texas Trial Lawyer

“Acts of Omission is a book most people will really enjoy. It captures and holds one's interest from the beginning. Complex and provocative characters are developed, along with detailed story lines, all without diminishing the reader's attention in any way. Maybe the most reliable indication of a book's excellence for me is when I notice that I only have about a third of it left to read and a sense of sadness occurs because I know the experience of reading the book is nearly over. That was 'Acts of Omission' for me.”

Amazon reviewer: James G.

“I have finished the book and am blown away. It was more than a good read; it was masterpiece of courtroom drama/life of a trial lawyer/intrigue/intricate relationships/lovemaking/and one man’s perseverance for justice. Bostwick nailed it!”

William Whitehurst, Austin, Texas Trial Lawyer and Past President of three major legal organizations

“Witty, suspenseful, and truly engaging. The story and character development are so gracefully unraveled. I found myself caring for these characters from the very beginning and honestly, missing them once I got to the end. Really well done.”

Amazon reviewer

“I read. A lot. There’s even a Pulitzer Prize winner in my family. I know good writing. I know very little else, but I know good writing. Two thoughts came instantly to mind: One was that here was another book by a lawyer who thinks he’s a writer. The other was that I never read books about lawyers. After having to hang out with them all day, why would I? But I had some down time and sat on the couch in my office and began reading. That was 4 god-damn hours ago. I gotta tell you, this is very good. Great characters. I mean, people you actually care about (a very difficult thing to accomplish, in my opinion). A wonderful story (a “page-turner” I believe it’s called). Real dialogue (this is, in fact, the way people actually talk with one another). He has managed to write like a writer; not like a lawyer. Exceptionally well done.”

Steve Rodolf, Tulsa, Oklahoma Defense Trial Lawyer

“Highly recommend! It is a page turner. Exciting, educational, heart pounding, intellectual, struggles, joy, deep, sexy, a range of emotions. Not surprised there's a movie in the works.”

Amazon reviewer

“I had to make a sudden trip to Rochester NY on Friday for a cousin’s funeral. The only round trip seat available for the 10-hour ordeal was the middle seat in the last row. This book saved the day. I was mesmerized. It is the best I have read regarding civil trial practice. Not a false note. I wish all the nay-sayers of trial lawyers and the jury system would read. My wife, who reads as much as I don’t, read it before I did and also gives it five stars!”

Jack McGlynn, San Francisco Defense Trial lawyer and Mediator

“Books and television show about lawyers and lawsuits that purport to depict reality tend to go over the top and lack reality. Acts of Omission achieves the sweet spot of being gripping and entertaining, but also spot on in the reality department. When the author uses a legal term that a non-lawyer may not know, he provides the explanation in the way of a question from one of the characters. The characters were intriguing, sympathetic, and evil (every big town has a Conti who thinks they own the courts). This was a “stay up and just read a few pages more” book. Very enjoyable!”

Amazon reviewer

“I received a new hip on the 26th and after the surgical drugs wore off, I was looking for something to occupy me as I stayed home. I turned to ‘Acts of Omission’. What a great way to get my mind off the pain. The only problem is that I couldn’t put it down and my recuperation is taking longer than it took me to read the book! I thought the book was great. A real page turner and this heartless defense lawyer even teared up when the verdict was read, and Matt was talking to the jury.”

Don, San Francisco Defense Trial Lawyer

“This was a quick read, hard to put down given the drama of the story. The author does a wonderful job of mixing in personal relationships with the life of a trial lawyer. The story is compelling and shows how a lawyer can make a material difference in the life of a person even if they are facing difficult odds. A great David and Goliath story.”     

Amazon reviewer

“’Acts of Omission’ is a wonderful read. I finished it in the early evening of the Fourth of July and intend to get copies for some young lawyers I think have great promise. It is clearly the best thing I have ever seen that talks about the dilemma of being a trial lawyer. You are called upon to make snap judgments and decisions that you cannot take back and which have the risk of being dead wrong. This book captures the essence of being a Plaintiff’s lawyer in a major case where the result is literally going to dictate the survivability and quality of life of the client.”

Dugan Barr, Redding, California Trial Lawyer

“Could not put it down once I started, it has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Highly recommend and hoping for a sequel.”

Amazon reviewer

“On a trip to Costa Rica I read Acts of Omission, an excellent novel. It was a great read! I’ve recommended it to the young lawyers in our office, as not just an entertaining read, but also a great example of what is required to become a top-notch trial attorney. So far, the feedback has been 100 percent positive.”

David J. O’Keefe,Los Angeles Defense Trial Lawyer

“Captivating depiction of the triumphs and falls of a trial lawyer. Fascinating story of a complex civil trial, love, scandal, betrayal, and discovering the meaning of success. Highly recommend, one you cannot put down.”

Amazon reviewer