Legal Thriller “Acts of Omission” Wins 2021 Firebird Book Award

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Author James Bostwick’s debut novel Acts of Omission won the prestigious 2021 Firebird Book Award, receiving top honors in four categories, including:

  • Courtroom Drama, First Place
  • Legal Fiction, First Place
  • Legal Thriller, First Place
  • Audiobook, First Place

Hundreds of titles from around the world were read and scored by a panel of judges comprised of professionals in the literary industry. Scoring criteria evaluated the literary merit, content, and production to name the top three category winners across a wide variety of audiences, subject areas, and genres. The Firebird Book Awards, sponsored by Speak Up Talk Radio, charitably benefits homeless women and children living in shelters.

The trial drama, Acts of Omission, has received many accolades since its publication, recognizing Bostwick’s in-depth understanding of the law, first-hand knowledge of litigation proceedings, and adept storytelling ability. 

In 2020 Jim was nominated for the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, in what he calls “an honor as a lawyer and as an author because they recognize works of fiction that best illuminate the role of lawyers in society and their power to effect change.”

Bostwick’s decades of first-hand experience as one of the top 100 plaintiff trial lawyers in the country inspired his award-winning novel; his complex and high-stakes cases providing many of the details and nuances that drove the plot and characters he developed. 

James Bostwick will be interviewed by Pat Rullo of Speak Up Talk Radio to further discuss his accomplishments as both an attorney and an author, and how his professional and personal successes in each field have intertwined over the last few years. 

What Inspired Trial Lawyer Jim Bostwick to Become an Author

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Jim Bostwick is featured in Marin Magazine, a regional publication in the Bay Area, titled, “Why It’s Never Too Late: 4 Marin Locals Who Changed Careers Later in Life, and How They Did It.” In the article, he discusses the journey he has made as a trial lawyer to author of Acts of Omission.

Acts of Omission is an elaborate tale of fact and fiction inspired by a lawsuit that Bostwick filed against Melvin Belli, a famous Bay-Area attorney known for representing celebrities and well-known defendants. Bostwick’s decades of experience as a trial lawyer provided intimate details of the inner workings of legal proceedings, case progression, and a dark side of the courtroom.  

Bostwick stated in the interview, 

“The agony and the passion that occur in a case is all real. Actual lawsuits that tell the truth about what happens can be the basis of an excellent novel.”

An avid reader, Bostwick had considered writing a novel for a long time, and finally found the inspiration he needed from a creative writing course he took with his wife at the University of San Francisco. After nearly a decade of developing characters, plot, and storyline, Acts of Omission was published in 2019 by Post Hill Press. 

Since the launch of its publication, the novel found its way into the hands of Hollywood producer, Jeff Apple, who paralleled Bostwick’s work to that of Barry Reed’s The Verdict. In collaboration with screenwriter Michael Shiffer, Bostwick and Apple are working towards developing the novel into a film. 

After over 40 plus as a trial lawyer, Jim Bostwick’s decision to become an author and film producer is a good reminder that it’s never too late to learn and try something new.

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How Jim Bostwick Grew His Brand By Writing A Book

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James Bostwick, author of Acts of Omission, is a multiple award-winning trial attorney of catastrophic personal injury cases and partner at Bostwick & Peterson. He was interviewed by Authority Magazine, “On How To Grow Your Business or Brand By Writing a Book.” 

In his interview, he discusses his background, what it was like writing the book, and the exciting events that have transpired from his success with Acts of Omission, and more.

According to Jim, one of the most significant benefits of becoming an author was that he got to engage with people that he may otherwise never had a chance to meet, from young, aspiring lawyers to established, experienced lawyers – to Hollywood screenwriters and producers.

 “You never know who you might meet or what lucrative opportunities may present themselves once you become an author.”

In fact, his book is now being made into a movie that he is co-producing. In addition, Acts of Omission has become recommended reading in law schools throughout the country.

When asked about how to grow a business or brand by writing a book, Bostwick talks about the benefits of name recognition that authoring a book provides. He now gets calls from lawyers from all over the country about cases, and he enjoys many new speaking opportunities. 

The increased exposure and new opportunities are the amazing results that have come from writing his book, which was nominated for the 2020 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction. Referrals are essential for new business and writing a book can help tremendously with that. He is currently working on the sequel.

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