Acts of Omission, written by James Bostwick, was given a wonderful review in the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) quarterly publication, ‘Voir Dire’, by John A. McGuinn, National Board Member from the San Francisco Chapter of ABOTA.

John writes:

“I recently read a novel that finally paints an authentic picture of the life of a civil trial lawyer. Acts of Omission grabbed on and held me from start to finish. It is a story that realistically depicts the difficult choices, high rise, ethical dilemmas, anguish and euphoria of everyday life for attorneys who represent victims of negligence.”

James Bostwick has been a member of ABOTA, an invitation-only organization, since 2003. ABOTA is a national association of experienced trial lawyers and judges who have high personal character, an honorable reputation, and must have tried a minimum of 10 civil jury trials to conclusion. ABOTA dedicates itself to the preservation and promotion of the Seventh Amendment that guarantees the right to civil jury trials. More than 7,600 lawyers and judges are involved in ABOTA chapters in all 50 states.

To read the full review of Acts of Omission, go to ABOTA Bookshelf.