Acts of Omission, the legal thriller written by nationally recognized trial attorney James Bostwick, is available for purchase in eBook format.

The Acts of Omission eBook is an excellent addition to your digital library if you enjoy legal thrillers, mysteries, suspense, and courtroom drama!

In addition to being easier to transport, an eReader allows you to change the font size as well as the background color which is helpful for nighttime reading.

Acts of Omission is loosely based on a San Francisco case James Bostwick tried in 1984 when he went up against one of the country’s most famous attorneys to seek justice for a devastatingly injured teenager.

At its heart, this legal thriller is a soul-searching exploration of the meaning of friendship, love, and loyalty set in the maelstrom of a stunning courtroom battle. Fast-paced, with surprises at every turn, this is a compelling page-turner filled with duplicity, sacrifice, heartache, and bare-knuckle legal brinkmanship. It is a searing tale of a legal system gone awry, where greed and power fight an unending battle against a young lawyer’s willingness to risk everything in his quest for justice.

“Captivating depiction of the triumphs and falls of a trial lawyer. Fascinating story of a complex civil trial, love, scandal, betrayal, and discovering the meaning of success. Highly recommend, one you cannot put down.”

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