James Bostwick, partner at Bostwick & Peterson, was interviewed about his debut novel, Acts of Omission, as well as his career as a nationally recognized trial lawyer.

In his interview with Authority Magazine, James discusses the challenges he’s had becoming an author, gives advice to aspiring authors, and talks about what has inspired him and contributed to him becoming a great writer.

“Writing is a creative process like art — not everyone is going to like the product of your efforts. Every good author is going to have a few one- or two-star reviews. You must give birth to what is inside you and not worry about pleasing everyone.”

James, along with his partner at Bostwick and Peterson LLP Erik Peterson, was interviewed on KALW 91.7 FM, San Francisco public radio: Your Legal Rights. Together, they speak about their job as trial lawyers of catastrophic injury cases. James speaks about Acts of Omission, and being nominated for the 2020 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction. 

Acts of Omission gives readers a realistic ‘day in the life’ of a civil trial lawyer. It’s based on a true San Francisco case that Bostwick tried in 1984, painting an authentic and gut-wrenching picture of the dangers, risks and rewards when a young, dogged lawyer goes up against one of the nation’s most famous attorneys to seek justice for a young man with a devastating injury.

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