James Bostwick joined Laura Gluhanich and Guinevere de la Mare for a virtual author chat with Silent Book Club. During the chat, James discussed bringing the novel to publication and future plans for a sequel and movie deal.  They also discussed the impact the pandemic has had on the legal system, and how a jury trial can work in the new normal.

Silent Book Club was started in 2012 on the foundation that reading with friends enriches lives and makes people happy.  Silent Book Club is about community. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can join or launch a chapter. They have more than 240 active chapters around the world in cities of all sizes, and new chapters are being launched by volunteers every week.

Watch the full video here: Silent Book Club with James Bostwick.

Bostwick, founder of Bostwick & Peterson, is rated among the Top 4 Trial Lawyers by the California Bar Journal. He is also featured in Newsweek, Town and Country, and Forbes as one of America’s top trial lawyers. In his novel, Acts of Omission, he uses his vast experience to provide a rare glimpse into the world of civil trial lawyers, what motivates them, the enormous risks they take, and the choices that define them professionally and personally.